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About Us


Custom Embroidery & Other Unique Items

We provide custom embroidery for our customers.

 At Only One Company no two are the same,

 unless that is what our customers want.


What motivates us?

Having grown up on an Alaskan homestead in the 50's and 60's, I learned at an early age to be creative, to make something from nothing, and to "recycle" old items into new ones. Over the years this love of creativity has led to numerous ventures and countless projects (some of which are still under construction). Another great lesson learned is that it is a lot fun to be an individual and have, or have made for you, something very unique, an item you won't see anyone else wearing or on display in their home.


Take a look, let us give you a quote.

  • So, join us in uniqueness ( may have coined a new word there) and let us create something special just for you or for that special someone you want to give a gift to.

  • We can embroider on just about anything. Ask us about your item and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

  • See the Gallery page for pictures of some of our work.

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